Four Habits That Could Be Keeping You from Losing Weight

Listen to Episode 12 of The Diabetic Toolbox Podcast Four Habits That Could Be Keeping You from Losing Weight Today we are discussing habits and how they could affect your ability to lose weight and keep it off.  Ultimately, it is our habits and rituals that will determine if we reach our wellness goal.    WhileContinue reading Four Habits That Could Be Keeping You from Losing Weight

Is Your Weight Holding Your Life Hostage?

Listen to The Latest Episode of The Diabetic Toolbox How many of you have said that I will plan my dream vacation when I lose this weight.  I am going to get some new sexy underwear.  I will get a new haircut or get rid of this soul-sucking relationship.  “When I lose weight, I willContinue reading “Is Your Weight Holding Your Life Hostage?”

Three Reasons to Consider Managing Type 2 Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet

You don’t have to give up meat entirely but try an experiment. Cut your meat intake by half for the next two weeks and notice how you feel. Check your weight at the beginning and at the end. Then, decide for yourself if you want to go back to your normal portion of meat or if you want to cut back even further and run an additional experiment.

Sugar Vs. Salt: Which One is Worse?

People with diabetes have a higher chance of developing high blood pressure; this could increase their chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

Chronic Pain and Diabetes: 10 Tips to Ease Chronic Pain Without Medication

Manage stress. Stress can increase chronic pain and make it more challenging to manage. Try various strategies to relax and reduce stress to see which ones work the best for you.

Diabetes and Heart Disease the Unfortunate Connection

COVID-19 showed us that people with underlying conditions are more susceptible to other life-threatening illnesses. Working out is a way to take back some control over your health and your destiny.