Four Habits That Could Be Keeping You from Losing Weight

Listen to Episode 12 of The Diabetic Toolbox Podcast Four Habits That Could Be Keeping You from Losing Weight

Today we are discussing habits and how they could affect your ability to lose weight and keep it off.  Ultimately, it is our habits and rituals that will determine if we reach our wellness goal.    While researching today’s post, I found that the Center for Disease Control has shown that you could reverse your prediabetes if you lost 5-7% of your body weight.  Sounds great! Right. 

   If you have been on as many diets as I have, you think you know how to lose weight. Of course, all the books and diet gurus tell you you need to eat less and exercise more. However, research has also found that most people who lose weight will gain more weight back if they do not have a post-weight loss plan. 

Today we will look at four habits that could sabotage your weight loss goals. As we go through the list, ask yourself, is this me? Your honesty will help you to replace habits that no longer serve you with ones that will help you create the healthy lifestyle you want.  Remember, no judgment; you are just making an honest observation.

  1. You’re impatient. You have gotten your prediabetes diagnosis, and the only thing you want to do is to lose weight and lose it quickly.  Unfortunately, if you cut calories too drastically, you’ll lose muscle tissue and deprive your body of essential nutrients. However, losing about 1 to 3 pounds weekly is a safe schedule for most adults.

  2. You are trying to make too many changes at once. Small changes add up. Focus on one habit at a time instead of trying to transform your lifestyle in a single day. For example, try eating an additional serving of vegetables daily or switch from total fat to low-fat dairy products.

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  3. You compare yourself to others. Celebrate your own body and personal strengths. Forget about keeping up with anyone else.  Your wellness journey is your personal trip towards wholeness; you cannot compare this unique experience to anyone else. Comparing yourself to others will leave you feeling bad about where you are instead of celebrating your accomplishments. 

Your diet is too restrictive. We need to stop thinking of food as good or bad. Thinking of foods this way will only leave you craving the food you told yourself not to eat.  So, forget about forbidden foods. A diet that is too restrictive may make you more vulnerable to temptation.  Forget about cheat days, too; enjoy your favorite treats in smaller serving sizes or save them for special occasions.

With Peace and Love,


Published by Renee Reid

Welcome to the Diabetic Toolbox, where we are helping midlife folks win the battle against prediabetes. If you are prediabetic or have a family history of type 2 Diabetes you will find tools and tips to help you to lose weight naturally, heal your mindset, and strengthen your body through yoga and walking. So, if you are ready to heal connect and grow, you are in the right place. Join the Movement! Hosted by award-winning podcaster, certified health coach, and yoga teacher Renee Reid.

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