Six Simple Ways to Manage Your Self-Care

Listen to latest episode of The Diabetic Toolbox Podcast To be clear, self-care is not just the latest buzz phrase in the wellness community. Research has shown that if you do not increase your level of self-care, you risk not being able to manage your physical, mental, or spiritual health. Self-care simply means taking betterContinue reading “Six Simple Ways to Manage Your Self-Care”

The Prediabetes Weight Loss Lab

Listen to today’s podcast episode: The Prediabetes Weight Loss Lab I am so excited today because I am opening the doors to The Prediabetes Weight Loss Lab, and I want to invite 20 of you to join me. I created this eight-week evidence-based program to help folks like you lose weight naturally, reduce your bloodContinue reading “The Prediabetes Weight Loss Lab”

Is Your Weight Holding Your Life Hostage?

Listen to The Latest Episode of The Diabetic Toolbox How many of you have said that I will plan my dream vacation when I lose this weight.  I am going to get some new sexy underwear.  I will get a new haircut or get rid of this soul-sucking relationship.  “When I lose weight, I willContinue reading “Is Your Weight Holding Your Life Hostage?”

Ready to Stop Dieting? Do This Instead!

Click Here to Listen to the New Episode of The Diabetic Toolbox Podcast I was on my fifth diet, trying to lose weight so I could get rid of my prediabetes.  I remember opening my box of food for the month and crying as I placed the prepacked items of food in the pantry.  LookingContinue reading “Ready to Stop Dieting? Do This Instead!”

Create Your Health Vision for Vision

Listen To a New Episode of The Diabetic Toolbox Podcast-Join the Community Don’t forget to follow us! Spring is in the air; my question is, what is your health vision for spring?   If you struggle with a chronic illness, this can be a fun and exciting time to think about everything we hope to accomplish.Continue reading “Create Your Health Vision for Vision”

Stop Overthinking Your Wellness Goals

New Episode of the Diabetic Toolbox Podcast: Click here to listen! Share this episode with someone you love. Are you overthinking your wellness goals?  I know that you aspire to make your wellness goals stick this time.  Instead of creating a wellness plan fit for an Olympian.  Your best way of making sure you stickContinue reading “Stop Overthinking Your Wellness Goals”

Seven Ways To Manage Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Learn how to manage your blood sugar and lose weight naturally without dieting.  The smallest and gentlest step you can make towards wellness is learning how to manage your blood sugar. This workshop is for you if you are: Type 2 Diabetic Prediabetic Have a family history of diabetes If you know, you need toContinue reading “Seven Ways To Manage Your Blood Sugar Naturally”

Are You Struggling with Your New Year’s Resolution?

 Four Ways to Get Back on Track New Podcast Episode: Are You Struggling with Your New Year’s Resolution-Here’s Four Ways to Get You Back on Track    I know you were excited about the arrival of the new year. This was going to be the year you kept the promise you made to yourself toContinue reading Are You Struggling with Your New Year’s Resolution?

10 Ways to Love Your Body When You Are Managing a Chronic Illness

Welcome to the Diabetic Toolbox This video and workbook bundle is designed to help you to incorporate actionable strategies that will promote self-love, help you regain your self-confidence, and fall in love with your body again. Today’s training will cover: What is a chronic illness? Ten strategies to help you improve your body image WhyContinue reading “10 Ways to Love Your Body When You Are Managing a Chronic Illness”

Overnight Cherry Coconut Chia Pudding

(Serves 2) Overnight chia puddings are a great choice if you’re busy in the morning and still want a hearty, refreshing breakfast. This version is made with cherries, but you can easily be substituted with frozen berries. I love honey but if you don’t. Try a few chopped dates to sweeten it up! 3 tablespoonsContinue reading “Overnight Cherry Coconut Chia Pudding”