Five Exercise Mistakes That Could Be Sabotaging your Workouts

     If you want to delay, prevent, or manage Type 2 Diabetes, you must incorporate exercise into your life.  The CDC, the American Heart Association, and the American Diabetes Association recommend that you get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week.  But what if your exercise mistakes are making your routine less effective, meaning you are not burning the fat and calories you need to lose weight and get fit.  Check out these five most common exercise mistakes and then make the correction on your next workout.

  1. Substituting speed for form: you’ve seen those speedsters at the gym; they’re on the treadmill with the inclined hiked up to 7 and the speed on 10 holding on for dear life.  You will use fewer muscles doing this and burn fewer calories, not more, it is better to slow down and check your form.  “let go and stand up tall, with your shoulders back and a neutral spine. Hunching over or grabbing onto the rails for support could diminish your workout and leave you sore the next day.”
  2. Exercise dehydrated:  Almost every cell in your body depends on water to function correctly, it is crucial that as you workout you stay hydrated. Dehydration will make you cramp easily and fatigue faster. Several things happen in the body when you are dehydrated, your body will cramp easily, fatigue more quickly, and be unable to regulate your body temperature.    Water is the best beverage; you should aim to drink an ounce of water for every ten pounds of bodyweight on workout days and continue to hydrate before and after your workout to replenish fluids lost through sweating.  If you are doing a more extended exercise 60 minutes or more, hydrate during your workout.
  3. Don’t read on the treadmill: reading on the treadmill is not only dangerous, but it prevents you from working at your optimal capacity.  This means that you are going to burn fewer calories.  Give your workout your undivided attention; use audiobooks if you need the distraction.
  4. Run when you hate it:  Yes, running is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, but if you do not like doing exercise, chances are your consistency will suffer.  Find a cardio workout you can enjoy and commit to your health depends on it.
  5. Cardio only workouts:  Cardio is only one part of your workout plan.  Your plan should include three areas cardio, strength training, and yoga.  “Cardio will keep your heart healthy; strength training will keep your muscles and joints strong, and yoga will prevent injury in the other two areas.”  Try this schedule three days of cardio/strength training and three days of yoga. 

     As you strive to get the most out of your workouts, the one thing you must remember is that you must be present.  When you are working out, take the opportunity to check in on how this workout is affecting you physically and mentally.  If you find that you dread the workout or that you have done it so many times, you now check out even before it begins.  It is time to find something new to get your heart rate pumping.  Take your self-care seriously!

With Peace and Love,


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