I Have Prediabetes! Are You Sure?

I have prediabetes.  Are you sure, I asked my doctor?  My routine check-up revealed much more than I expected.  Blood work showed that I was prediabetic, prehypertensive, and my cholesterol was over 200. I was 25 pounds over-weight, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.  My first inclination was to shut down and not deal with my problem.  But, with my family’s health history, I knew I needed to get ahead of this disease. 

I tried to find a diet that would help me to get my health back on track.  I tried the pre-packaged food diet, the two shakes, and a sensible meal diet, a juice cleanse, intermittent fasting, and simply not eating.  Nothing worked for long, I just got frustrated and went back to my old eating habits.  I celebrated the end of each new diet plan with my usual large fry, honey mustard sauce, and diet coke. 

After finding the right health coach, I got myself together.  The weight didn’t drop off overnight, but slowly and surely, my emotional and physical health improved.  Guess what, I did it without giving up the food I love or going on a wacky diet that made me feel deprived.  That is what I want for you, stick with me, I am going to teach you how to implement simple lifestyle changes that will fit into the way you live. 

Published by Renee Reid

Welcome to the Diabetic Toolbox, where we are helping midlife folks win the battle against prediabetes. If you are prediabetic or have a family history of type 2 Diabetes you will find tools and tips to help you to lose weight naturally, heal your mindset, and strengthen your body through yoga and walking. So, if you are ready to heal connect and grow, you are in the right place. Join the Movement! Hosted by award-winning podcaster, certified health coach, and yoga teacher Renee Reid.

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