Two Tips to Creating a Dynamic Evening Routine

Listen to episode 23 of The Diabetic Toolbox Podcast.

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Hello, my friends; welcome to episode 23 of the Diabetic Toolbox.  Today, on the show, we are talking about how to create a dynamic evening routine.  On our last podcast episode, we talked about three things to think about when creating your morning routine, they were:

  1. Decide what time you want to get up in the morning.
  2. Choose activities that excite and energize you and make you happy.
  3. Make this time in the morning non-negotiable.

As with your morning routine, your evening routine should not cause stress or overwhelm you.  On the contrary, this is the part of the day when you focus on activities that relax your mind and body as you prepare for a good night’s sleep. Remember, our goal is to create healthy habits that will be the foundation of our wellness. Decide when you will go to bed as you make your evening routine.  Sleep is one of the most overlooked components in losing weight and keeping it off.  “A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when people starved of sleep, late-night snacking increased, and they were more like to choose high-carb snacks.”

The two tips to think about are to ditch your electronics. Put your phone in another room if possible and take the television out of your space.  Technology affects your brain and keeps you stimulated longer, which makes it harder for you to sleep.

Now, what activities can you include in your evening routine? Well, whatever you want if it leads to rest.  This is your time to honor your body and the healing process that occurs when you sleep. In addition, your body uses this time to make needed repairs for recovery.

Some evenings I enjoy are taking a warm bath filled with my favorite lavender salts, reading my bible, or repeating my affirmation for the day.  I also love to read, but I try not to do this too close to bedtime because a good murder mystery can get my mind racing. 

Other activities include:

  • Listen to music.
  • Do a gentle yoga stretch.
  • Set a timer and spend 30 minutes on a project you love, like scrapbooking or writing your novel.
  • Snuggle with your favorite human or animal.
  • Do a puzzle or word search.

These are just suggestions; your evening routine will help you have a successful morning and day, so pay attention to how you structure it. Your ability to successfully manage a prediabetes or type 2 diabetes diagnosis depends on creating healthy habits while establishing a morning and evening routine may seem like a small thing. Still, this habit will yield tremendous results, allowing you to put yourself first and take control of your healing.

 As I mentioned in our last podcast, as you create these healthy habits, your health will improve and open the door to making changes in other areas of your life.  To ensure that you stick to your selected routine, write it down and post where you can see them, try often. Try to complete your routine daily; the more you do it, the more it will become part of your lifestyle.

With Peace & Love,


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