Diabetes & Gut Health


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Did you know that 70-80 percent of your immune cells are in your gut?  If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, it is so important that you make your gut health a priority.  Now, don’t get anxious.  In today’s episode, we will discuss some simple solutions to improving your gut health and boosting your immune system.

So how does your gut health affect your ability to manage diabetes successfully? An unhealthy gut can promote insulin sensitivity and inflammation, and insulin is the primary hormone that controls your blood sugar; by strengthening your gut and reducing inflammation, you have a better chance of stabilizing your blood sugar daily. In addition, research has shown that when the microbiome is not healthy, it can cause the walls of your gut to weaken, leaving space where toxins, bacteria, and partially digested food can leak into the bloodstream causing leaky gut syndrome.

Your digestive system is a critical component of your overall health.  Research has found that your gut controls so many functions that it is often called a second brain! 

Symptoms of poor digestive health included:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Acid Reflux

It’s normal to experience an occasional issue after a big meal or poorly cooked food.  However, if you experience these symptoms daily, you should talk to your doctor.  So now, for the good part, healing your gut is doable.  The good news is that some of the same strategies we use to manage our blood sugar will help us.  We know we can heal our gut and lower our blood sugar by changing our diet.

  1. Remove sugar and refined carbohydrates.  Bacteria in your digestive system can feed on sugar and refined carbohydrates and create issues.
  2. Add fiber to your diet.  Your digestive system needs fiber to function correctly; using natural sources of fiber usually works best.  Nuts, vegetables, beans, and whole grains have the necessary fiber to start the healing process.
  3. Avoid fast food and processed foods.  These foods have high levels of salt and fat and can make your gut feel worse.
  4. Add probiotics and probiotics to your diet.  Prebiotics include foods like onions, garlic, leeks, and asparagus.  Probiotics are fermented foods like yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, tempeh, and kimchi.  You can also take a probiotic supplement if you cannot add these fermented foods to your diet.

Probiotics themselves will not lower blood sugar or heal your gut. Still, some data suggest that a probiotic supplement may help manage diabetes by lowering insulin and glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Be sure to speak with your doctor before adding any supplements to your wellness routine.  Some supplements could interfere with your medication and cause them not to work correctly. 

The adage you are what you eat is true.  The foods that fuel your body are vital to lowering your blood sugar, strengthening your immune system, reducing inflammation, and maintaining your overall health.  Other factors to consider are your sleep habits, staying hydrated, and declining stress levels.

Many issues we chalk up to aging or being diagnosed with a chronic illness can be resolved by becoming more mindful of how we treat our bodies and protecting our mental health by monitoring whom we allow in our space.

With Peace & Love,


Published by Renee Reid

Welcome to the Diabetic Toolbox, where we are helping midlife folks win the battle against prediabetes. If you are prediabetic or have a family history of type 2 Diabetes you will find tools and tips to help you to lose weight naturally, heal your mindset, and strengthen your body through yoga and walking. So, if you are ready to heal connect and grow, you are in the right place. Join the Movement! Hosted by award-winning podcaster, certified health coach, and yoga teacher Renee Reid.

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