The Power of Using Affirmations on Your Healing Journey

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I am not telling you to ditch your medications, so please follow your doctor’s recommendations. However, I believe that we can marry the benefits of medical science with holistic or natural tools to create a wellness program that benefits your entire being.

Affirmations are one of those holistic tools.

 It is expected that when diagnosed with a chronic illness, in the beginning, we allow that illness to take over our lives. Our days are filled with doctor’s appointments, blood draws, medication reminders, and the realization that we are mortal. So how can we stay positive and keep going when everything reminds us that we are not okay?

      Affirmations helped to remind me that I still had control over my life. But unfortunately, my mindset was corrupted by diet culture when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I thought the only thing that would help me reverse my pre-diabetes and lower my blood pressure, and cholesterol was finding the proper diet. And so, the search began; I tried many diets that helped me lose weight but did nothing to heal my relationship with food, so the weight kept returning.

     My anxiety rose after getting on the scale, seeing my doctor, and explaining to family, friends, and coworkers why I could not eat the birthday cake or brownies when I only wanted to eat more. I am an emotional eater who uses food to make herself feel better, calm my nerves, or ease my sadness. I knew I would not lose weight and keep it off by eating prepackaged foods, consuming a liquid fast, restricting my calories, and telling myself that being hungry all the time meant making progress.

     After much research and trial and error, I realized that I would never get healthy until I healed my mindset. And that is what I wanted not only to get fit, but to eat without feeling guilty or deprived. Maybe like me, you want to heal your body and find peace in your mind without using a new medication or finding that magic diet. I believe affirmations can fill the gap between medical science and holistic healing. You do not have to do one or the other.

     An affirmation is a short statement or phrase used to help us defeat negative self-talk and replace it with positive words that promote healing and self-love. Daily affirmations can heal your mindset and change the way you think. The strength of your mindset will determine how much you take part in your healing. Your mindset, or how you feel, is the foundation of your healing process.

Affirmations can help you improve your quality of life by redirecting or canceling negative thinking and improving your emotional health to meet the physical demands of your chronic illness. 

          As a society, we are just starting to understand the importance of emotional, spiritual, and mental energy in healing. While medication can ease symptoms and aid in reversing or stopping the progression of the disease, a complete wellness plan must not just include healing the physical body. I believe a more holistic approach is needed for a full recovery. Crafting a healing journey designed explicitly for you requires you to include tasks that spark your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Research has shown that using affirmations can change your brain’s structure. This is called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and adapt to new experiences. This means that our brains constantly rewire themselves in response to our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Positive affirmations are one way we can use the power of neuroplasticity to improve our lives.

Repeating positive affirmations rewire our brains to focus on the positive. Your thoughts become a reality; the more we focus on something, the stronger the neural pathway becomes. Repeating positive affirmations trains our brains to think positively.

We tend to believe what we think, and your thinking will control your desire to take your medication as prescribed, feed yourself healthy foods, add some movement to your day, and deal with stress or realize that self-care must be a priority. Affirmations will remind you that you are strong and capable of fighting this disease and can ask for help when needed.

    I love affirmations so much that I created an entire book filled with affirmations that I promise will increase your joy. The book is entitled “You are Stronger Than You Think: Affirmations to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. The affirmations in the book are designed to inspire you to think beyond your illness and create the life you want to live. Because your healing journey is unique to you, each one includes specific questions you can answer to eliminate the barriers that interfere with your progress. 

This is no quick fix, but with continued use, you will become emotionally and mentally stronger, which will help you take a proactive, not reactive, approach to your healing journey. 

Affirmations will help you to:

  • Improve your self-worth
  • Cultivate a positive self-image
  • Improve your physical health
  • Change negative thinking
  • Transform low self-esteem

    Click the link if you want to download your copy of You are Stronger than You Think: Affirmations to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. I am so honored to be on this healing journey with you; remember, you are stronger than you give yourself credit and more blessed than you know.

With Peace and Love,


Published by Renee Reid

Welcome to the Diabetic Toolbox, where we are helping midlife folks win the battle against prediabetes. If you are prediabetic or have a family history of type 2 Diabetes you will find tools and tips to help you to lose weight naturally, heal your mindset, and strengthen your body through yoga and walking. So, if you are ready to heal connect and grow, you are in the right place. Join the Movement! Hosted by award-winning podcaster, certified health coach, and yoga teacher Renee Reid.

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